About ME

Date of Birth 14/07/1958
Visual Artist.
Current Mediums – Acrylic on Canvas, Hand cast fired ceramics.


Influenced by 12 months spent traveling as a child with my parents, when they took the seminal sixties road trip and drove by combi van from London to Bombay, I have always been interested in art, mythology and creative expression.

My artistic career evolved through early adulthood and then formalized in the commercial sphere where I was employed as a free lance set designer/constructor, graphic and scenic artist from 1984 until the early nineties. Working in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide I traveled extensively throughout Australia. The clients I worked for were as diverse as Hickory and Laura Ashley, Target, the Australian Wool Board, the Bicentennial Committee, smaller fashion labels and a variety of advertising agencies.

This commercial work curtailed in 1989 when I returned to the University of South Australia to complete my Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts). During this period I became fascinated in blurring the boundaries between the academic fine arts and the more traditional craft disciplines and the symbiotic relationship between culture, myth, notions of beauty and psychology, particularly Jungian notions of Archetype. This led to the creation of avante guard furniture as sculpture. To realize this fusion I broadened my skill base to include metal fabrication, casting in bronze, glass and alloys as well as sculpting in terra cotta clay and timber.

In 1991 I completed the final year of my Bachelor of Arts at Underdale and had sculptural work accepted in the Melbourne Fringe Festival Exhibition “Hybrids”. This sculptured table subsequently won the Melchair award for Charismatic Furniture. Also exhibited in the Graduate ‘A Twist in the Tightrope’ Exhibition and had work reviewed in the Age, the Advertiser, and the Arts Review program, ABC.

1992 saw a move to Melbourne where I exhibited and sold work. Exhibitions included Arts and Industry, little Collins St, Bluestone Gallery and Design Australia Gallery. Reviews included Design Inc, Melbourne Age and interviewed on Good Morning Australia. Taught oil painting at the Warburton Health Center as part of a Creative Stress Reduction program. Traveled to the United Kingdom.

In 1994 I started Graduate Diploma Course and exhibited in the Masters Exhibition at the end of that year. Work was entirely painting in oils. Masters thesis work explored the relationship between art practice and the Jungian psychological process of individuation.

Moved to London at the beginning of 95, successfully completing my Masters thesis. Traveled extensively throughout the UK with short excursions to Europe. Received Masters Degree.

1996 to 2009 Returned to Adelaide and split time between art practice, involvement with the family automotive business, and renovating an old cottage at Cherryville. Became interested in ceramic glaze painting and set up a ceramic studio in conjunction with my wife who is also a practicing artist. Exhibited in the Adelaide Hills in a number of group exhibitions at Stirling, Balhannah, Verdun, and Hahndorf. Working when time allows on writing and illustrating a number of children’s picture books, as yet unpublished.

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